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6/18/2019 11:45 PM

Have a great evening!! #coppercreekapartments

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Another beautiful day at Copper Creek Apartments, nothing like life in Las Vegas! #coppercreekapartments #weloveourresidents #apartmentsforrent #greatspecials #furnishedapartments #lasvegas #poolday #springhassprung
  • Just in case no one has told you...
  • Family LEGO night is here! Such a great time unplugging with some amazing families!!! Stay tuned for next months family event and we hope to see you there! #coppercreek #lego #familyfirst
  • LEGO NIGHT! Bring the kids to the phase 1 clubhouse at 5 PM. We will have Legos ready for them to play with! #coppercreekapartments #legonight
  • We are celebrating #nationalchocolateday here at #coppercreekapartments tomorrow! Stop by the leasing office tomorrow, Sunday 7/7 to get some FREE CHOCOLATE!!
  • Yoga this weekend for Copper Creek residents! Saturday @ 9:15am and Sunday @ 6:30pm

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Hello Yogis and soon to be Yogis! It's a new week which brings a different focus in class. This one is that of the knees. 
Over 11 million Americans every year complain about knee pain and over 21 million have osteoarthritis. 
How do we prevent knee pain or injury plus build strength and flexibility. Through the practice of yoga we can do all of the above. One thing is to practice mindfulness as you move but, you do have to move. Stillness isn't an option. Be mindful of using the whole body, pressing through all four corners of your feet even when inverting the body or sitting in a yoga pose. Stay away from strain and forcing the body into a shape. Yoga props like blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps can help you find comfort and gain more efficient strength, mobility and flexibility. 
For example when performing Seated Wide Angle Pose slip a blanket under your seat, to lift it slightly, and yoga blocks under knees. This may provide healthy comfort for the knee to extend more over time. 
Happy knee week! 
Classes this week are as follows: 
5p Mon-Wed, 5p Yin Yoga Fri (a great way to recoup from the 4th of July festivities) & 1115a Sat 
@goeosfit #eōsgfit ♤Lake Mead/Buffalo 
815a Tues/Thurs and 730p Tues/Fri ♧Sahara/Cimmarron 
1030a Tues & 1130a Thurs 
12-2p Fri, 1st hour MS/Yoga talk, 2nd hour gratis yoga class provided to those patients living with MS and part of the Cleveland Clinic- Lou Ruvo in partnership with @yogaforlifelv 
915a Saturdays for residents and their guests. A FREE class! 
Restorative Yoga, Aromatherapy and Reiki, 430-630p, fee:$35 in advance & $40 @ the door.
No experience needed. Bring a friend. We have all that you need. Just arrive ready to receive and dress comfortably. 
RSVP with Nina by sending an email to 
#ninasoulfulyoga #yogaforthesoul #relax #summeryoga 

#Repost @copper_creek_apartments ・・・・ Copper Creek residents! 11AM-2PM Phase I Pool! Food, drinks & prizes. And a DJ! #coppercreekapartments #poolparty

Copper Creek residents! 11AM-2PM Phase I Pool! Food, drinks & prizes. And a DJ! #coppercreekapartments #poolparty
  • 2 DAYS AWAY! Our annual resident pool party is next Saturday @ 11AM-2PM Phase I Pool! Food, drinks & prizes. And a DJ! #coppercreekapartments
  • Our resident #poolparty is this Saturday from 11AM to 2PM!!! Food, drinks, prizes and a Live DJ!!! What what?!!!
  • Our annual resident pool party is next Saturday @ 11AM! Food, drinks & prizes. #coppercreekapartments
  • Our #organic #garden is looking abundant! #coppercreekapartments
  • Free #yoga classes for #coppercreekapartments residents Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings!!
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Good afternoon Yogis and soon to be Yogis! 
Yes a day later then usual posts. This last weekend I was enjoying family. Now I'm back and ready to spend time with my students, family and friends. 
This week is all about the International Day of Yoga and the Summer Solstice. 
Priminister Modi of India, proposed we have a Yoga Day in 2014 to the UN. Then it was declared official in 2015. For this is not an exercise but, modality of holistic wellness. This gift from India that has transformed many lives. 
Let's celebrate the shift in seasons with our yoga practice! Honoring the sun with Sun Salutations and enjoying the journey to our innner selves, ultimately realizing that we are connected to all that surrounds us. 
Join us for a class or two! 
5p Tues-Thurs, 630p Thurs and 1115a Sat 
@goeosfit #goeosfit ☆NW Lake Mead/Buffalo, 815a Tues/Thurs and 730p Tues/Fri ◇Sahara/Cimmarron 
1030a Tues & 1130a Thurs 
12-2p, 1st hour MS & Yoga Talk, 2nd hour Yoga for MS. Gratis to those patients of the Cleveland Clinic- Lou Ruvo in partnership with @yogaforlifelv 
@coppercreekapartments, 915a gratis yoga for residents and their guests! 
Sat. JUNE 22nd, 2019
3-5p. Yin Yoga, Aromatherapy & Reiki Location: @blueskyyogalv
Blue Sky Yoga is in the Arts Factory on Main St. & Charleston Blvd on the 1st floor. 
A nice soothing-cooling yoga practice that welcomes all new and seasoned practitioners. We have all you need but, feel free to bring any yoga props and mat you have on hand. Remember to dress comfortably. Plus bring a friend or loved one! 
Questions please email or check out website at 
#ninasoulfulyoga #yogaforthesoul #relax #yogaforsummersolstice
  • Who’s ready for a dip?! #poolseason #coppercreekapartments