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3/16/2019 9:22 PM

Scavenger hunt tomorrow from 1pm-3pm. Don’t miss out!!! . . . #St.Patrick #scavengerhunt #coppercreekapartments #residentevents #apartmentliving #luxurylifestyle #apartmentsforrent

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  • #quoteoftheweek #coppercreekapartments
  • Movie night starts @ 6PM! FREE POPCORN!! #thegoonies #popcorn #lasvegas #coppercreekapartments
  • Movie night 🎥 here at Copper Creek! Join us in the Phase I theater room Wednesday night @ 6:30 PM to watch The Goonies! 🍿🍿🍿on us!!
  • Happy National donut day!!! Come stop in phase 1 and grab a sweet treat!!! #donutday #lovewhereyoulive #coppercreek
  • National donut day is this Friday, June 7. Copper Creek residentd can stop by the office to pick up a free donut! #coppercreekapartments #nationaldonutday
  • Free Yoga for residents Sat/Sun!!! #Repost @ninasoulfulyoga with @get_repost
Hello Yogis and soon to be Yogis! Happy new day and week of life with Yoga. 
This week's practice will include you focusing on your shoulders. 
This wonderful joint and it's muscles allow a large range of movement but, a very shallow joint. Most very tight in this area because of the physical demands in life, as we sit and round the upper back. 
We will practice movements that strengthen and keep mobility of this area. 
According to yogic philosophy this part of the body is the seat of compassion, love, peace, inner joy and communication. So, please be aware of how you move through each daily task and what your intention is when  interacting with other beings like you. 
Be kind, be compassionate, speak nicely to your Self and to other beings. 
Class schedule for this week: 
5p Mon-Thurs, 630p Thurs and 1115a Sat 
@goeosfit #eōsgfit ☆NW, Lake Mead/Buffalo, 815a Tues/Thurs and 730p Tues/Fri ☆Sahara/Cimarron 
1030a Tues & 1130a Thurs 
Yoga for those living with MS and are patients of the Cleveland Clinic- Lou Ruvo, 12p-2p Fri. 1st hour MS and Yoga Talk, 2nd hour class. Gratis! 
@coppercreekapartments, 915a Saturdays for residents and their guests. Also a gratis class! 😁Yin Yoga, Aromatherapy & Reiki..Restore and relax with a 2hr class on SATURDAY JUNE 22, 3-5P. Suggested ♡ donation only $25.
No experience or RSVP required! Save the date and share with a friend! 
Live in the moment, love and except your self! 
#ninasoulfulyoga #yogaforthesoul #relax #springyoga #yogaforstressreduction 
Nina's website: 
Photo credit: @jonflobrant
  • National donut day is this Friday, June 7. Copper Creek residentd can stop by the office to pick up a free donut! #coppercreekapartments #nationaldonutday
  • Hey residents come see us for our Ice cream social May 31st from 2pm til 5:30 (while supplies last)  Don’t forget to come see our community events board in phase 1 for more upcoming events #coppercreekapartments #icecream #weloveourresidents #community #lasvegas #nevada #enjoy
  • Wine 🍷 and bingo 🖐 for #coppercreekapartments residents on this lovely 💕 Saturday evening! Phase I Clubhouse @ 5PM #wine #bingo #coppercreekapartments
  • We have wine and bingo coming up this Saturday at 5PM for Copper Creek residents! Who’s joining us? #coppercreek #wineandbingo
  • Is it summer yet??! #vegasrain #coppercreekapartments
  • Come view one of our two bedriim models! We are open till 5:30 today! #CopperCreek
  • Can somebody turn the wind off, so I can go for a dip?! #coppercreek #poolseason
  • We have some cool events this month! #coppercreek
  • Happy Saturday! Make It Count!!
#happysaturday #makeitcount



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